Show, don’t tell

Why video is the perfect pr-tool for your story

“Show, don’t tell” is a well-known proverb, and also holds truth in pr. Although written customer cases or press releases are great to tickle the interest of journalists, they don’t quite capture the culture and vibe of your organization in the same way an expertly crafted video does. That is why we’ve increased our filming and editing expertise and invested in new equipment to provide videographing as a pr service.


We consider video as an important part of any long-term long-term pr-strategy. Because people experience video as more 'real' and 'authentic' than written word, the impact on your credibility is huge. Whether you focus on yourself, your product, service or your brand story: in video, you choose the style that fits the story. And the internet (search engines) and social media love it. Moreover, it is mobile-friendly and easy to share.

Pick your platform

Video can be utilized in various ways, depending on the target audience or communication goal. Videos on LinkedIn or Youtube work great to showcase the latest projects or successes, while short videos on Instagram or TikTok are an effective way to connect with potential junior profiles. We can film and edit videos for different platforms, taking into account timing and location and guaranteeing a quickly developed final product.

From pre- to post-production

Our video team can complete an assignment from start to finish, from the planning of the video shoot through the recording, editing and distribution. We help to arrange the logistics of the shoot and pay attention to the look and feel of the set-up to create the perfect mood. With our mobile recording studio, we can record both indoors and outdoors.

Our video productions

Some examples of various types of video are testimonials (Fraikin, PeopleWare), product launch (Rittal), recruitment (VINCI Energies, Evoke), expert interview (Sensolus, RoboRana), introduction video (Siemens Healthineers), educational (Zonder Embargo) and event (kickoff Cranium). Our own videos can be found on our YouTube channel, and we share them on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts.