Bathroom talk with Duravit


In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s important to stay on top of the latest innovations and trends in PR and content marketing. In addition to, for example, traditional press releases and blog articles, podcasts have emerged as a new source for thought leadership and stories. Aside from producing our own Evoke podcast ‘Zonder Embargo’, we also provide our multimedia expertise to clients such as Duravit, a major player in innovative bathroom design.

Keeping up with contemporary tools

Podcasts are a time-efficient form of communication. Whether you are commuting or doing the dishes, podcasts can easily be listened to, making them more accessible. The longer format opens up the possibility to take a deep dive into a subject, which is all the more rare in this fast-paced age of information. This is exactly why we created a podcast series for Duravit in which Jan Rymen and Steve Souverijns, respectively General Manager and Marketing Manager at Duravit Belux, talk freely about the ins and outs of Duravit and the sanitary market. 

One of the episodes even featured Bart Appeltans, interior designer at the interior design and architecture firm SFAR and known, among others, from the television program ‘Blind Gekocht’. During a conversation about interior design, the industry and the bathroom as an important part of any house, he explains his choice for Duravit as a partner:

"I have been working with Duravit since the beginning of my career. Especially the timeless designs and the quality of the products are what make me such a big fan."