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The world of mobility and logistics is changing at lightning speed. Driven by the powers of digitalisation and electrification, the industry is now an environment where technology, innovation and sustainability meet. Needless to say, logistics and mobility companies that push their boundaries through innovation and, in doing so, take the industry to new heights, are clearly marked on the radar of the media. If you are such a company, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to get your message across and put yourself on the map.

Member of the global automotive PR network

Be faster than your competitors and call on Evoke, the PR agency for the automotive and logistics sector. As a member of automotive PR, the worldwide network of agencies specialized in logistics, automotive and technology, Evoke knows the sector like no other. We have already carried out successful campaigns for Febiac, DSV Logistics, Webfleet, ECS, GoodYear and Land Rover, among others.

Do you want to run a PR campaign on a European or global level? In the blink of an eye you have access to more than 30 agencies around the world. As a member of Automotive PR, Evoke has access to an extensive network of agencies specializing in automotive, technology and mobility. 

Multidisciplinary automotive agency

We are based in Brussels, the heart of Europe, near the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the European institutions. Evoke is a multidisciplinary agency that can be engaged for PR, copywriting, social media and crisis communications. As a member of Automotive PR, we are the reference for automotive clients in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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