Powerful video content


During the pandemic, live video has entered our comfort zone: video calls for professional or personal reasons became daily bread. A team meeting, a brainstorm, a remote fitness class, a review call with the school of our kids, just chatting with friends, even grandparents did it themselves. This should have taught us how to communicate in front of a camera more or less successfully. Did it? Can we now simply start recording a video with our own smart devices to use as content marketing, spontaneously? Unlikely. Well-thought preparation is key. Since 2022, we offer at Evoke support in video content production. In this insight, we will elaborate on why we’re happy to include video content marketing in our PR package.

Motion has attraction

Video makes up to 80% of all consumer internet traffic (source). Every minute, more than 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube (source). Insane? Let’s face it: you love to click & watch. Because motion has a powerful attraction. And benefits. Moving images are much more likely to be remembered than text. Video attracts and keeps the attention of the viewer for a long period of time. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined (source). 90% of all online marketers use video content to sell their wares (source). Not only do humans love video, social media platforms do too. And it has a bigger impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than text. 

What is video marketing?

You create and share video with the strategy to attract, retain, convert or share content marketing. In video you can bring information in a condensed format. Short videos score best. Video marketing enables you to create a brand story in the long term and interest in a product or service without explicitly promoting it. You can build thought leadership. In video there are little to no boundaries to creativity, if you plan it well. You have to think creatively during every step in the production process, or you will not be able to keep your audience engaged. It is therefore advisable to hook up with professionals to produce consistent, creative, engaging content that cuts through the noise. 

Why use video marketing?

Well… because it works. Video marketing boosts sales. It’s more emotional and real. It builds trust. It’s great at explaining complex information. Search engines love video content. Social Media sites love video too. It’s mobile friendly and easy to share, like, review.  

A wide variety of content videos

Before you start your creative process it is important to answer some general questions. What is your key message? What is your objective? Who do you target? Where to post your video? And what about the customer journey in the marketing funnel? Depending on the answers, you have multiple options. 

Social media videos

To reach, inspire and engage your audience with social media video you need to produce social content in a quickly accessible format. Where and how will this content be used? Think about the platform first: Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Discuss specifics (video size, dimension, ratio), video length, quality and story. Secondly, determine the key message and objective. The first 5 seconds are key. Let a creative work out the scenario and storyboard and engage with professionals for filming and editing the production. At the end, make time to measure your impact with analytics.

Top of the funnel

The first step of a customer’s journey. Focus on the relationship with potential clients by creating entertaining and informative video content . Educational video, documentary, a video series, interviews with experts are types of videos that will win over prospective customers. Online commercial video as a teaser can be part of a video series. A corporate social responsibility film shows there is more to your organization than a product or service by demonstrating a social cause.

Middle of the funnel

Focus on the product or service to increase your brand’s credibility. Explainer videos, animated videos, case studies and testimonials work very well in this phase.

Bottom of the funnel

A final push to make a sale by answering any questions your viewers may have about the product or service. Work out demos or onboarding video content to show how to get the most value out of your service.

Outside the funnel

Brand videos that tell your company or brand story. Promo video to tease for an upcoming event or product launch (and often used as a part of video series to build anticipation). Recruitment videos to engage the best candidates by showing what a great place it is to work and showcasing the positive (location/team/perks/culture). Meet the team videos provide insight in the people and characters behind your organization, connect with the viewer and portrays your company (culture) through the style of the film.

Planning. Production. Promotion

Do not underestimate the time consuming production process of video creation. Regardless of your budget, carefully think about every step in detail. It generally exists out of three phases:

  1. Pre-production: planning, setting the logistics, schedule and design. Crew, casting, location, scripting, storyboard, visual design.

  2. Production: the actual shoot. Light, sound, acting, direction on set.

  3. Post-production: where the content is produced. Editing, voice over, sound design, motion graphics, animation, captions, export.

Once the video is approved: share, promote, review and learn.

Video fails

It happens more often than you can imagine. 

  • Not focussing on a single message // do not overdue!

  • Taking the abstract road (too far) away from your brand guidelines // association remains key

  • Creating long videos // a bite-size two-minute video is the best

  • Not using a CTA correctly // avoid irritation: Subscribe! Buy Now! Watch more!

  • Failing to take advantage of all available platforms // do not just post it everywhere

  • Ignoring the influence of SEO // make use of meta-descriptions

  • Expecting instant results // video content marketing is a long-term branding investment

  • Neglecting analytics // listen to your audience and read the reviews

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