How to generate European attention?


As an ambitious start-up, press coverage is crucial to showcase your recent market entry. In general, but especially for start-ups, European attention can be a great asset to boost your growth. But on which platforms do you want to be seen?

Which websites or magazines should you approach to reach those interested in the latest news on European technology? In this article we discuss four websites with European news on technology and start-ups. An appearance on one of these four websites can be very valuable in your growth process.


With 44,000 newsletter subscribers, EU-Startups is the leading online magazine on start-ups in Europe. They publish articles on (re)launches, funding and acquisitions of technology start-ups and other tech news. They also regularly publish interesting interviews with European founders of start-ups. Each month, they reach an audience of over 200,000 interested technology enthusiasts across Europe. According to their own recent reader survey, 78% of EU Start-ups' readers are decision-makers.

Founded in 2013, reports on European technology news, data analysis and market information. They offer a wide range of stories on start-ups, scaling, capital rounds and more. What makes a particularly exciting platform is the diversity of their publishing channels. They not only run an online magazine, but also send out a weekly newsletter and podcast, as well as a calendar of events. 


Although Sifted has not been around as long as EU-Startups and, they have managed to quickly build a significant audience. This is partly due to the support of the Financial Times, but also to the fact that they offer high quality and in-depth content on European start-ups and technology. They send out a newsletter no less than three times a week. They want to be not only a reliable and independent source for European news on start-ups and technology, but also a discovery channel. 

Silicon Canals

Silicon Canals is based in the Netherlands and provides news, knowledge and insights from the European technology and start-up ecosystem. They have a specific interest in the Benelux market. Their aim is to provide interested parties with valuable and indispensable information on topics such as mobility, AI and FinTech. Silicon Canals audience consists of people working on or at start-ups, but also investors and business innovation managers.

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