Warming up the press for Hysopt’s HVAC software

PR retainer

Hysopt has developed a unique software solution for optimizing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installations. To increase brand awareness and become the number one reference in HVAC software solutions, the organization enlisted Evoke as its go-to PR partner.

Forming partnerships through publicity After mainly focusing on direct sales with constructors in its early years, Hysopt has shifted its focus towards relationship building with installation companies, facility managers and engineering firms. PR can be a valuable tool to position Hysopt as the go-to software solution towards potential partners, by increasing publicity–and in doing so sharing its thought leadership. An example of this is our press communication on a recent investment round raising 5.3 million euros, which led to both national and international publicity. This cements Hysopt as a technological force to be reckoned with.

Digital twin Central in our PR strategy is the physics-based digital twin solution which Hysopt developed for larger HVAC installations. This software allows the prediction of the behavior and performances of these installations before the actual construction phase. Through optimization, an average of 30% energy reduction and 40% emission reduction can be achieved. One of Hysopt’s main goals is to drastically reduce our collective CO² emissions.

Awareness The uniqueness of Hysopt’s solution, in combination with its effects on both an ecological and economical level, form the foundation for our PR strategy. Our goal is to create more awareness and evangelize the importance of HVAC system optimization with the public and potential customers among them, utilizing interviews and press releases, but also case stories and testimonials with concrete data and figures. To support our PR strategy and let the Hysopt-team introduce themself, we recorded an introductory video in their new office. In this, the three different departments are featured. This video can be used on their own website and social media channels.

After years of study and development, Hysopt can finally capitalize on its investments. The current energy crisis, as well as the Green Deal and the recent evolution towards performance-driven contracting, in which the entire supply chain is co-responsible with regard to the proper and sustainable operation of HVAC installations, help to create this momentum.