Storytelling for Fraikin

Customer Stories

Getting praise from someone else is always better than patting yourself on the back. Promoting yourself by using the compliments of someone else is the strength of customer stories. One of our clients who frequently leverages this type of content is Fraikin. 

Fraikin is the European leader in the all-round rental and leasing of commercial vehicles and vans. The company has many years of experience and know-how in rental and leasing solutions for both small and large enterprises. To highlight the excellent relations with these customers, we regularly work out customer stories.

"By letting our customers share their experiences with our services, we gain a sense of trustworthiness."

How does it work?

We start by selecting a relevant case in consultation with our client. Then we draft a questionnaire tailored to the case. What were the specific challenges? Why did the customer choose Fraikin? What added value does the customer now benefit from? These are but some examples.

Then we first interview Fraikin to gain a better understanding of the case and afterwards we proceed to interview the client to gather quotes that express their content. Finally, both interviews are combined and structured into one customer story, which is offered for revision to both our client and their customer. Both Fraikin and their client can then take advantage of this story by sharing it on their own channels, and the trade press regularly publishes these customer stories as well.

Lead generation

Cindy Willemyns, business development manager at Fraikin:

"Customer stories are a win-win for both Fraikin and our customers. By letting our customers share their experiences with our services, we gain a sense of trustworthiness.  Moreover, these stories really help us to convince potential customers to work with us. For example, one customer story brought in a new customer and immediately earned back our retainer with Evoke."